The Importance of Background Screening In An Ever-Changing Climate


In today’s society, the internet dominates and interferes with practically all aspects of life – including the hiring process. And with the ease and immediate availability of online information, or the convenience of visiting a local court or police department, many employers question the continued use of formal background screens in the hiring process. Some employers even abide by the notion that candidates and employees, alike, are less likely to apply for positions if they know that a background screen may disqualify them.

However, despite the growing number of resources available to the general public, background screening in our current, high-tech and internet-savvy climate is more important than ever before. These days, applicants are familiarizing themselves with screening processes and employer requirements very early on. In doing so, the number of applicants learning to manipulate employers and information to their benefit, is growing at an alarming rate, and is even contributing to the overall increase in document and information falsification. Such falsification and manipulation poses major risks to employers including, but not limited to:

  • Ruined reputations
  • Lack of workplace safety
    Violations of state/federal laws
  • Lack of job competence in employees
  • Costly lawsuits, legal issues and litigation
  • Higher employee turnover/lower retention rates
  • Occurrences of workplace theft
  • Company policy violations

Formal background screens performed by providers like A-Check Global, help to mitigate these risks by operating with teams consisting of and led by highly-skilled and rigorously-trained industry experts whose expertise is aimed at keeping employers safe and compliant at all times.

Additionally, background screens yield a wealth of information that spans far beyond what the general internet and local records may provide; including multi-jurisdictional records, accurate employment and education verifications that rely on more than just phone numbers, accurate address history, sex offender records, international records, motor vehicle records, professional license/certification verifications and various other types of information.

By conducting formal background screens with a provider, employers also typically have access to information, resources and expertise curated to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws/ guidelines, and mitigate legal risks.

So, although times are changing and public information is seemingly more accessible, the use of background screens is still the most well-rounded, effective, time-efficient and compliant method for screening applicants and employees.

For more information on background screening, or to implement a screening process for your company, Contact  A-Check Global at 877-345-2021 today.

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