National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) Accredits A-Check America CredentialSafe Division

A-Check America’s Healthcare Credentialing Division, CredentialSafe, has been awarded NCQA Accreditation as a certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), demonstrating A-Check’s competence in capably performing key credentialing functions.


CredentialSafe is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers, hospitals and insurance companies verify and share practitioner career information. CredentialSafe enables transparent, secure management and distribution of verified practitioner career information, resulting in a streamlined credentialing experience for all stakeholders.

“While CredentialSafe is technically considered a CVO by the accreditation body,” said A-Check President Carlos Lacambra, “it is so much more. We have transformed medical credentialing from a paper-driven, software-assisted process to an interconnected electronic service bureau model that addresses the needs of all healthcare stakeholders while dramatically reducing costs and turnaround times.”

CredentialSafe’s SaaS service bureau model provides a centralized electronic hub which eliminates cumbersome paper-based processes, does away with expenses related to pay-per-seat-software and frees medical staff professionals from duplicative administrative work.

NCQA is a highly regarded independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to assessing and reporting on the quality of managed care plans, managed behavioral healthcare organizations, preferred provider organizations, new health plans, physician organizations, credentials verification organizations, disease management programs and other health-related programs. NCQA is committed to providing health care quality information for consumers, purchasers, health care providers and researchers.

The NCQA recognition is awarded after a rigorous onsite and offsite evaluation conducted by a survey team that includes at least one CR surveyor and one administrative surveyor.  A Review Oversight Committee (ROC) of physicians analyzes the team’s findings and assigns a certification status based on the CVO’s performance against core standards and the requirements within applicable certification options.

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