Time for a Compliance Check-Up?


As a trusted business partner, we’re committed to helping ensure our clients are in compliance with FCRA, EEOC, state and local policies and procedures. A key component of our ongoing focus is to remind you that we’re here to offer guidance each and every time you audit your employment screening program.

How can we help you?

User Access Lists: When did you last check to see who on your team member roster has access—and at which level—to your background screening process? Your user list is an important piece of access control that can easily be managed. Take the time to ensure that your list is accurate by removing any inactive users. Only takes a moment to review, and we’re more than happy to help! We invite you to call or email your client support team today.

Compliance Manual: Having a compliance manual on your shelf doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compliant. It’s a good idea to take it off the shelf on a regular basis for a comprehensive senior management review. Ensure that the content is accurate and fulfilling its purpose. Be prepared to make changes if necessary.

Commonly Used Documents: Forms and documents used on a regular basis can be easily considered “red-flag” items. Due to their ongoing use, employees may be unaware of changes made to laws that make the forms and products they use every day the source of an audit finding. Review commonly used documents to ensure the information contained in or gathered from them is legal and updated.

Employee Training: When you read through your employee training manuals, do you feel empowered or scared? If your program relies more heavily on promoting punishment for non-compliance than a focus on appropriate, ethical behavior, you may want to make meaningful adjustments. Retool your materials to teach and instill a culture of compliant and ethical behavior from employees at all levels.

We at A-Check Global are committed to data security and are driven to protecting our client partners by providing the tools needed to succeed. Please contact us at compliance@acheckglobal.com if you have any questions about your employment screening program.



“Can’t you just Google?” When it comes to background screening . . . NO.

$RSK3OR6.jpgWe’ve all done it, right? Out of curiosity, you Google someone’s name, or even your own, just to see what pops up? Results might be anything from a link to a Facebook page, a reported marathon time, or maybe even an old blog entry about sushi that’s been long since forgotten.

Those things aside, some personal searches return a ton of information that could be considered private and personal. More important, that information may or may not be accurate. That’s why we don’t rely on Google searches when doing background screening for our clients, and if you’re searching Google before making a hiring decision, we recommend you don’t either. Here’s just a few reasons why search engines in general are not background screening options.

  1. Seeing Seeing Double Double If a person’s search results appear on the first few pages, it’s likely their name isn’t too common. But search John Smith, and it’s very doubtful anything you find will be relevant to your particular John Smith. Even names that seem pretty unique are more popular than you might think. Got a minute? Visit HowManyOfMe.com to get an idea of just how common some uncommon sounding names are. We found there are 100+ people named Frank Franks in the US. Who knew?
  2. “Yep, it’s an Internet Ad” If you’re using a search engine for background screening you’ll probably add a modifier, like “Criminal Records.” While initial results may seem innocent enough, you may also see a link to something like “Your Candidate Arrested.” It may appear to be a search result, but this could be a company trying to subtly convince you that your candidate has a criminal background (that may not event exist) . . . and encourage you to pay for a background screen then and there. Without further exploration, you may be misled and your poor candidate could be impacted by that assumption during your hiring process.
  3. “How did that story go?” Search engines scour the web with algorithms designed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Problem is, results could be old, outdated, or worse yet, inaccurate. For example, you may search poor Frank again and find an old article mentioning him as part of a criminal investigation, only to then miss another article that exonerated him as a case of mistaken identity.
  4. “Don’t believe everything you read online” – Albert Einstein Sure, we can pretty safely say that Albert Einstein didn’t really say that. But this is exactly what happens on the Internet. Search engines may find and report hundreds of relevant search results, but it’s not always easy for them to verify information as true or false.
  5. It’s illegal! Simply said, it’s illegal to solely use search engine results to make a hiring decision. Using an internet search as the basis to hire someone could violate not one or two, but THREE sections of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Section 605 says there is a limit to the time you can use something negative against someone, so if you’re finding old dismissed cases through a Google search and using them to make a hiring decision, you’ve violated the FCRA. Section 607 says the information used in the decision has to be accurate. So relying on an inaccurate story is a violation too. Finally, Section 613 says that records have to be up-to-date. So, finding and using an old Facebook status would quite easily be another violation.

While Googling names might be fun while you’re at home and bored, let’s all agree that it has no place in the hiring decision process. In addition to potential FCRA violations, an argument can be made that doing so violates the EEOC as well. Searches can easily reveal personal information like marital status, age, race, and nationality.

To make sure you get a background screen that uses accurate, up-to-date sources, and is in compliance with federal, state and local laws, skip Google and work with A-Check Global instead to set up a background screening program.

And, to the 100+ Frank Franks out there, we’re sorry that this blog post may now be a new addition to your own search results. We happen to really like your name!

Give us a call today at 877-345-2021, or email clientsupport@acheckglobal.com.


Form I-9: Helpful Hints to Keep You Compliant

Date of Webinar: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 10:00 AM PST

Subject Matter:

A-Check Global’s HR Impact Webinar series presents Form I-9  delivering information on Worksite Enforcement Investigations and Notices of Inspections as well as suggestions on how to “Fix the Past” and “Plan for the Future”.

To view this informative webinar simply click on the link below –


Thomas Brechtel, J.D. / Chief Revenue Officer / Form I-9 Compliance LLC

As a senior member of the Executive Team since its inception in 2004, Thomas provides guidance to organizations for the development and maintenance of compliant immigration related employment practices by providing comprehensive I-9 Auditing and Policy Reviews, Step-by-Step Electronic Transition Planning, assistance in Development of New Hire Procedures/Remote Processing and I-9 & E-Verify Compliance & Monitoring Services.

Thomas and his team translate complex immigration laws and employment eligibility requirements into the most legally-compliant and easy-to-use employment eligibility solutions available. His depth of experience and expertise in the field of I-9 & E-Verify Compliance has positioned him as an unparalleled subject matter expert in the industry.  Thomas regularly participates in workshops and seminars with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and their ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) Program on proper hiring procedures, fraudulent document detection and use of E-Verify. His ability to understand an employer’s “pain points” and create customized implementation strategies to maintain the integrity of their worksites, further differentiates Form I-9 Compliance in the industry.


Today’s “Top 10” List: Why is my file delayed?

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Believe us, we totally understand. Based on experience, you expect a pretty consistent turnaround time for your background screens. But every now and then a file might take longer than expected, and the delay leaves you scratching your head. We’re not fans of delays either, but we’ve seen what can happen during the screening process, and recently put together this list of top reasons you might experience a delay in the process. Not anywhere near as entertaining as most Top 10 lists, but we hope in some way it helps explain what can happen along the way.


1. Paper Records

Many courthouses, schools and businesses have not yet taken the time or allocated money to digitize their records. So it may take a little time to wait for results while they search through their file cabinets, cross reference old card catalogues, or pull out microfilm.

2. Records Stored Offsite

Similar to above, there was a time when everything was stored on paper. Computers certainly made our lives easier, but sometimes it’s not that easy to migrate old documents to an e-format. To save time and money, paper docs just get archived somewhere. That means waiting for someone to visit an offsite location . . . picture the warehouse from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

3. Strange Rules

Maybe it’s because documents are stored offsite, or maybe because their resources are focused on other tasks. Whatever it is, many courthouses will only accept requests for, or provide results to public record requests on certain days of the week, have limitations regarding the time of day requests can be made, or how many can be made each day.

4. Please send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

While this happens less frequently now, we still occasionally have to mail requests or wait to receive results by mail. At least it’s not by carrier pigeon or stage coach.

5. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

We’re just like you. We want to get information back as fast as possible, and then get it to you to help wrap up your candidate’s placement. Unfortunately—and we understand—folks are busy, and we simply aren’t at the top of the pile when it comes to priorities. Fortunately for your employment process, we are gently and politely persistent, and work closely with our contacts to keep requests moving along.

6. “Sorry, but we’re backed up.”

Sometimes it’s just a simple issue of bandwidth. As polite and persistent as we can be, it could be a company’s busy season, graduation time for schools, or even an unusually busy week down at the courthouse. We do everything we can to work closely with our busy contacts to keep your screen moving along.

7. “Can’t you just do a Google search?”

So, this isn’t necessarily a reason things get delayed, but it’s worth mentioning, since we’ve been asked a time or two why the background screening process isn’t as simple as a Google search, or why we can’t just tap into that magic program with unlimited access to fabled “Permanent Records” we were all told about. If only it were so easy. While about 50% of the services we complete are through a website or other electronic service, we still have to rely on good old fashioned phone, fax and mail to get information more often than you might think.

8. “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

With A-Check’s offices located in sunny Southern California, it’s hard for us to remember that there’s weather conditions elsewhere—cold, rain and snow. Those conditions can cause government offices, schools and employers to close down temporarily. We still aren’t 100% convinced it’s true, but someone here in the office told us they saw snow once, and that it’s real!

9. “We will be closed on Tuesday in observance of . . .”

There are 10 federally recognized Holidays in the U.S. when most schools, courthouses and banks shut down. That, combined with additional holidays recognized by individual states, winter vacations, summer vacations, spring breaks, and you’ve got delays at least once per month caused by a temporary closure or disruption in service.

10. “Your call is very important to us . . .”

We spend a lot of time listening to on-hold music and being transferred. To help limit this, we’ve created a database of official verification contacts we’ve had success with previously. Even with this tool we still hear our fair share of on-hold music, and occasionally have to reach out numerous times, to multiple contacts over a few days to reach someone that can get us the information we need to complete the background.

For questions about turnaround time or your screening program don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-345-2021 or email clientsupport@acheckglobal.com.




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