Form I-9: Be Alert, Audits can Hurt

Wed, March 20, 2019   |   10:00 am PST

A-Check Global’s HR Impact Webinar series presents Dave Basham delivering information on Form I-9.

Even the most seasoned Form I-9 professionals will walk away from this session saying, “I didn’t know that!” Dave, a highly regarded government speaker, will cover a wide range of information about Form I-9:

  • Whether or not to insert ‘N/A’ in various blocks
  • Differences between the online and paper versions
  • Making corrections to the form
  • What addresses are entered in address blocks
  • Using abbreviations
  • Rules for completing the I-9 before your new hire starts working for pay
  • Getting help through the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division hotline number

To view this informative webinar simply click below –


Dave Basham

Dave Basham / Outreach Analyst / U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Dave joined U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2008 following his retirement from the U.S. Army. He has conducted close to 600 Form I-9 and E-Verify presentations to nationwide audiences. Dave conducts ongoing sessions for many associations that include; Society of HR Management, American Payroll, and National Notary. In 2016, the American Payroll Association presented Dave with their annual Government Partner Award in recognition of his service, as a government agent, to the payroll community. Dave’s military assignments were numerous in the Infantry arena. His military service decorations include the Legion of Merit. Dave’s originally from West Virginia but now makes his home in historic Virginia.

“In the Know” Part Three: Evaluation, Decision, and Compliance Checklists

This is the third and final in our three part series on responsible background screening. The first part covered End Users and Permissible Purpose; the second covered Disclosures and Authorizations and this final section covers Evaluation, Decision, and Compliance Checklists.

Evaluation: Using Criminal Records in the Hiring Process

On April 25, 2012, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its Enforcement Guidance Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The purpose of the guidance was to shore up the Agency’s efforts against discrimination in the workplace based on disparate impact against persons with criminal records—potentially requiring employers to demonstrate business necessity before criminal searches are conducted.

(Read our blog – a Fair Chance for Applicants-the Rise of Ban the Box Legislation to learn more).

Decision: The Adverse Action 2-Step

FCRA § 603(k) defines the term “adverse action” to mean the denial, cancellation, increase of cost or any other “undesirable” outcome for a consumer when used in conjunction with an offer of insurance, credit, employment, licensure, or any other permissible purpose a consumer report can be used for. To comply with the requirements of FCRA § 604 and § 615, employers are required to deploy a two-step adverse action process prior to taking adverse action to provide the applicant an opportunity to review the consumer report and to dispute the accuracy of any content they feel is not accurate.

Your company or organization should regularly consult with your legal team to confirm your adverse process is current and compliant.

Compliance Checklist

A-Check highly recommends that our clients develop a Background Screening Policy, ensuring a consistent process is in place that can be audited and modified when necessary. A policy is not required but will go a long way in providing a defense to an organization that experiences a legal complaint from an applicant. An adequate background screening policy should contain a company-wide, streamlined process that includes standard operating procedures and current, compliant forms. Contact our Client Relations Department to receive a complimentary Policy Kit to help you get started.

Remember, if you ever have any questions about any of the material we have covered don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

Welcome to A-Check Global

Worldwide Background Screening from our Riverside Headquarters

If your hiring program involves pre-employment background screening, take a moment to think about your current vendor. This isn’t about hard selling you, but we will say we proudly serve many organizations in the Inland Empire, and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific program expectations.

Your current vendor may be “fine,” but maybe there are areas you wish could be improved. We call them “Pain Points” … those frustrating service issues you’re wrestling with. At A-Check Global, we’re driven to providing fast, compliant background screening without pain points—whether you’re a global enterprise or emerging startup. It’s about making your life a little easier.


Joining the A-Check family means benefiting from our customer service commitment each and every day, starting day one. As your background screening partner, yes we can:

  • Provide a dedicated implementation manager and dedicated, ongoing account management
  • Ensure inquiries (your phone message or email) are responded to in less than 2 hours
  • Ensure your data is secure
  • Ensure the quality of your background orders by reviewing 100% of all files
  • Provide customizable, mobile-friendly technology
  • Address your specific invoicing needs


We offer compliant screening programs, including background checks, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health screening, motor vehicle reports, and much more.

And here’s the best part. Since we’re in Riverside, we welcome you to schedule an appointment to meet our management team and take a tour of our headquarters. Please email or call Danielle Schlaman at (951) 750-1348 or Ryan Schmits at (951) 750-1447. We’d love to meet you, and hopefully, become your trusted background screening partner.


Start the New Year with a Compliance Check-Up!


As your trusted business partner, we’re committed to helping ensure our clients are in compliance with FCRA, EEOC, state and local policies and procedures. A key component of our ongoing focus is to remind you that we’re here to offer guidance each and every time you audit your employment screening program.

Items for Your Review

User Access Lists
When did you last check to see who on your team member roster has access—and at which level—to your background screening process? Your user list is an important piece of access control that can easily be managed. Take the time to ensure that your list is accurate by removing any inactive users. Only takes a moment to review, and we’re more than happy to help! We invite you to call or email your client support team today.

Commonly Used Documents
Forms and documents used on a regular basis can be easily considered “red-flag” items, and your team may be unaware of legislation updates that might make these every-day products subject to an audit finding. Review commonly used documents to ensure the information contained in or gathered from them is legal and updated.

Employee Training
Your ongoing training programs should promote focus on appropriate, ethical behavior; if it doesn’t, you may want to make meaningful adjustments. Retool your materials to teach and instill a culture of compliant and ethical behavior from employees at all levels.

Compliance Manuals
Displaying compliance manuals on your shelf doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compliant. It’s a good idea to take them off the shelf on a regular basis for a comprehensive senior management review. Ensure that the content is accurate and fulfilling its purpose. Be prepared to make changes if necessary.

We at A-Check Global are committed to data security and are driven to protecting our client partners by providing the tools needed to succeed. Please contact us at if you have any questions about your employment screening program.