NAPBS Holiday Employee Screening Tips

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners, of which A-Check is an original Founding Member, offers employers some common-sense Do’s and Don’ts for conducting effective background checks during the heavy holiday hiring period:

1. Don’t try the do-it-yourself approach to background  screening – Conducting a Google search or quickly checking social media is not adequate or appropriate for vetting potential employees and could leave you open to legal issues.

2. Do hire a professional background screener – Partnering with a professional will ensure you obtain the most comprehensive and accurate data to help make informed hiring decisions.

3. Do treat all employees the same during the background screening process. Whether full-time, part-time or seasonal, they are still your employees and will most likely be interacting with  your customers every day. The classification of their employment should not change the need for conducting a background screen.

4. Do make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities as an employer under the law – Background checks are subject to state and federal laws intended to protect those being screened. Understand what you are required to do by law to avoid penalties.

5. Don’t fail to communicate with the job applicant – Notify the applicant prior to conducting a background check and allow enough time for the individual to resolve any disputes related to information on the background check.

Learn More: NAPBS Release

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