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Because talent knows no borders

Recruiting from an international talent pool offers near-limitless opportunity for employers, but can also present unique challenges when performing background screens. An effective global risk mitigation strategy requires expertise from trained professionals tasked with researching and analyzing the vast quantities of data available worldwide.

We at A-Check Global provide our clients with professional screening services around the globe. Utilizing our professional in-house staff and our International Affiliate Network, we provide employment and education verification, drug screening, and international criminal records in more than 200 countries and territories world-wide. And, our international services are handled with the same care and attention to customer service that we provide for domestic services.

International Criminal Records Research

International criminal records searches are conducted both in-house and through our international research partner network. This network of professional researchers is comprised of established professionals with a proven record of expertise in their countries’ investigative and reporting processes. They are fully vetted, and monitored for accuracy and quality of service regularly.

International criminal records research is reported in real time through A-Check Global’s proprietary systems. Our research partners receive service requests and return completed investigations as well as supporting documentation through our secure portal, ensuring our clients receive results in a timely manner. Records are reviewed by our Quality Control and Compliance Department prior to release to clients to ensure we meet the regulations of the applicant’s home country as well as any client specific policies.

International Verifications

International verifications are conducted by our in-house team of professional verifiers. Our verifications specialists are available 24/5 to ensure work schedules align with all time zones. Utilizing an in-house group of verification professionals ensures international and domestic clients requesting background screening data receive the same level of dedication and attention to detail they enjoy from our US based services.

We maintain detailed turnaround time information for our employment, education, and professional reference verification services across the globe.

A-Check Global Country Spotlight

Employment Background Checks in Germany

In this article by  Julia Zange, European Counsel for Legal Firm Jones Day, the author discusses in detail the nuances and legal principles involved in conducting employment screening in Germany. While similar to the United States, German regulations governing employers’ ability to obtain and use background check information differs in a variety of ways.

For example, German employers may ask prospective employees about criminal records or investigations, but only if the offenses are relevant to the position to be filled, much like  regulatory trends in the United States.

Unlike in the U.S., German employers may request a certificate of good conduct from the applicant, but only the applicant can obtain it from the police. In addition, all records are deleted after a certain period – between five and 15 years.

Topics covered include:

  • Initial Position: The Employer’s Right to Ask
  • Background Checks
  • Verification of References
  • Financial Background
  • Criminal Background
  • Health Checks
  • Internet Inquiries

Article originally published here on page 9 (PDF)