Join A-Check for a Complimentary Educational HR Luncheon: Best Practices for a Compliant Background Screening Process For Nevada Employers

Join A-Check & AppleOne Employment Services for a Special Complimentary Luncheon Presentation: “There’s No Place Like Work: Best Practices for a Compliant Background Screening Process For Nevada Employers”
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Employment Screening Compliance: Is your U.S. Background Check Authorization Form Placing you at Risk of Class Action Litigation?

Class Action attorneys have seized the opportunity to go after deep pocketed employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies that are not in strict compliance with FCRA requirements.
An improperly worded or laid out Background Check Authorization Form that does not follow FCRA requirements to the letter is a magnet for this type of litigation. The FCRA requires that prior to procuring a consumer report on an applicant for employment an employer provide a clear and conspicuous disclosure and obtain the applicant’s written authorization. Furthermore –and this is a detail the attorneys are latching onto– FCRA requires the disclosure consist solely of the disclosure. (FCRA section 604(b)(2)).
For years, A-Check has communicated the importance of Authorization Form compliance to clients. While U.S. employers are ultimately responsible for ensuring their hiring practices comply with federal and state requirements, and this includes the use of compliant authorization forms to conduct background checks, we’re here to help.

A-Check’s  convenient U.S. Consumer Authorization Form Kit makes it easy to comply with FCRA and applicable state-by-state requirements. The MS Word document, revised February 2014, includes all the components necessary to customize your Authorization Form.
Even if you previously downloaded our Authorization Form Kit, we recommend updating with this newer version as it is based on the most current information available.
To request a Spanish version please Contact A-Check.
Learn more:
2014 case: Gezahegne v. Whole Foods Market California, Inc. – Allegation the form included liability release language other than disclosure.

Administration Releases Cyber Security Framework to Guide Infrastructure Community

This month, the Obama administration announced the launch of the Cybersecurity Framework, a how-to guide for organizations in the critical electronic infrastructure community to enhance their cybersecurity.
Over the past year, individuals and organizations throughout the country and across the globe have provided their thoughts on the kinds of standards, best practices, and guidelines that would meaningfully improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

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US-EU Safe Harbor Data Export Agreement at Risk as Result of NSA Spying Revelations

European privacy regulators alarmed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations of massive U.S. spying not just on terrorism suspects but also high profile EU politicians and businesses are threatening to scrap the thirteen year old transatlantic data-sharing mechanism used by more than 3,000 US companies to process EU citizen’s data in compliance with EU Privacy laws.
“A-Check complies with all data privacy requirements for transatlantic transmission, storage and disposal of EU citizens’ personal data,” said Carlos Lacambra, A-Check’s President. “A-Check’s privacy practices embraced the concepts outlined in the Safe Harbor framework long before our company officially certified compliance through the US Department of Commerce.”
Whether Safe Harbor ultimately remains or is replaced by another framework as a result of EU action remains to be seen, but it is clear influential forces within the European Parliament are not satisfied with the status quo.

“Should the current US-EU Safe Harbor Mechanism be abandoned and replaced, A-Check will continue to comply with EU data privacy requirements,” Lacambra said. “At this point,A-Check’s dedicated Compliance Department is monitoring developments in the European Parliament to ensure that A-Check makes any and all adjustments necessary to keep both our clients and A-Check compliant with International Data Security Legislation now and moving forward.”

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Should you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of the employee screening process, please email for additional information.

Complimentary Luncheon Presentation: Cracking the DNA Code for a Compliant Background Screening Process for California Employers

Riverside, CA – Join A-Check December 5th in Riverside, California for a complimentary, informative luncheon presentation exploring compliant employee screening practices, with emphasis on California.

Learn about:

  • Compliance with California’s unique applicant disclosure & reporting requirements.
  • Responsibilities of information providers and end users under FCRA.
  • Overview of applicable regulatory bodies and Risks to non-conforming employers.
  • Use of credit reports in the hiring process.

Attendees earn 1.0 (General) credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

Lunch will be served. Space is limited. Please RSVP by 11-25-2013.

Learn more and RSVP: A-Check HR Luncheon Informational Sheet – December 5th