UPDATE: Court of Appeal Ruling will Continue Delays for CA Criminal Background Checks

As you likely know, courts across a number of California counties are now redacting date of birth from court cases reported via public indexes (online and public access terminals). Additionally—as we are now seeing in Los Angeles County—court clerks are facing restrictions against providing assistance to verify full dates of birth during criminal record checks. This negatively impacts a court researcher’s ability to quickly and accurately verify name/case matches—resulting in A-Check clients experiencing significant delays in county court searches throughout the state of California.

So, why the delay? In May, 2021, a case decision in All of Us or None vs. Hamrick provided direction for the removal of critical personal information—date of birth and/or driver license number—from public facing criminal court records. This case alleged that Riverside County allowed users of the Riverside Superior Court’s public website to search for criminal records by inputting a defendant’s date of birth, directly compromising the privacy of those involved in criminal proceedings. While this lawsuit was brought only against the Riverside Superior Court, it ultimately impacted most California state courts.

In September 2021, the California Supreme Court denied review in the matter, allowing—for now—the continuation of this information redaction. This denial by the California Supreme Court means that criminal record checks in California will continue to become more difficult, and in some cases impossible.

At A-Check Global, we know and understand this is extremely challenging for our valued clients. We will continue to work toward any and all potential opportunities for resolution—while also having full awareness that a solution may not be available in the near future. Furthermore, we anticipate that while this is limited to a select number of California counties, it is likely additional counties will adopt similar action.

We will continue to serve our clients by taking all possible steps to accurately match candidates to criminal records. For now, files with a possible match (as a combination of name and year or month/year of birth) will be noted with an extended turnaround time (TAT) and A-Check will continue to serve you to the best of our ability.

Additionally, there is activity within the background screening industry to find a viable solution to this situation. The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) Government Relations Date-of-Birth Redaction Task Force is currently executing two potential alternative paths to resolution:

  1. Work with the California Judicial Council to modify the rule.
  2. Create a legislative campaign to introduce statutory changes that requires the Judicial Council to modify the rule.

We’re here to help answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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