Five Questions to Ask when Selecting a Background Screening Partner

Do they understand your business?

Your organization is unique, these times are unique, and what may have worked for you a year or two ago may not necessarily present a clear picture of what will continue to work as your company evolves. The same applies to the relationship between you and your background screening partner. It should be an ongoing discussion of your specific hiring needs and how your industry impacts your background screening program.

Any reputable background screening provider can provide a service. Taking it to the next level means partnering with a vendor that’s familiar with serving your industry. For example, the healthcare industry may require regulated occupational health screening services, or perhaps screening programs for volunteer or other non-personnel positions, while the transportation industry will require motor vehicle record services that require quick and convenient bulk uploads and periodic checks for their staff.

Of course, the screening services you order may change over time as your needs of your company and your industry change. It’s not a static process. Your screening company should always be available to discuss your specific needs, and should be flexible enough to make recommendations and adjustments for ongoing focus on your business success.

At A-Check Global, it’s exactly why we enjoy holding business reviews with clients. They are valuable opportunities to discuss specific goals together while also looking at real-world data to make informed and compliant decisions as a team.

Are they focused on compliance?

It’s no secret that class action attorneys, year after year, continue to pursue employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies that are not in strict compliance with FCRA requirements.

That’s where the confusion can start. While there may be a belief that the background screening vendor is solely responsible for the compliance of the entire screening process, the reality is that it’s a shared responsibility between those that request consumer reports (a client end user) and those that compile the consumer report (A Consumer Reporting Agency like A-Check).

Language within important disclosure and authorization documents presented to job applicants can change over time, and state-by-state requirements can be cumbersome to understand and put in practice. It’s more important than ever before that your background screening partner has advanced experience with ensuring customers have what they need to remain compliant.

Are they Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) Certified?

As you may already know, the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) “exists to advance excellence in the screening profession.” The PBSA was founded in 2003 as a non-profit association representing, guiding, and promoting ethics and performance standards of companies offering employment background screening services. PBSA Member companies—like A-Check Global—are defined as “consumer reporting agencies” and governed by Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) legislation.

As an active and founding member of the PBSA, we’ve been honored to work alongside this important industry association since its founding, and have been honored to achieve accreditation as, not just a business milestone, but also as valuable recognition of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest levels of both professional standards and customer service.

Keep in mind, PBSA membership does not result in an automatic Background Screening Agency Accreditation (BSAAP). In fact, the BSAAP is governed by a strict professional standard of specified requirements and measurements, and recognized widely as a critical seal of approval.

For our clients, this accreditation is an important element of the trust they put in us to provide quality, consistent, and compliant service. It’s definitely peace of mind knowing your screening partner has demonstrated a service commitment and a complex understanding of the background screening industry.

Are you still trying to get an answer to your question?

Customer service is probably among the top two or three pain points for most HR professionals. Well, actually, most people, even in their day to day lives. Chances are, we all have shared experiences of endless phone menus, unanswered messages, or worse, the hand-off to yet another live person who doesn’t know you, your account, or the answer to your question.

We don’t have to get too detailed here, because we all have a good idea of what it takes to provide excellent customer service, and how horrible it can be to receive unsatisfactory service from a business partner.

Simply put, your background screening partner should 1) have a dedicated customer support team who knows you and your account, 2) have secure account and information access across your support team so anyone can effectively and accurately answer your questions, 3) have notes and system alerts to help keep you updated on your background screens, and 4) maintain extended hours to serve when it’s convenient for you.

Have they invested in the customer AND candidate experience?

Your background screening partner should be taking advantage of HR technology to provide convenience, connectivity, and automation wherever possible. Their system should have the ability to integrate background screening processes into your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS)—meaning you can easily request a background screen and have secure access to the final report, all originating from the system you’re already using.

And likewise, your job applicants should have access to a straightforward, mobile-friendly application when asked to authorize and provide further information for the background screening process, or to self-schedule drug screens.

How can we help you?

That was only five questions. If you’re looking for a background screening partner, chances are you have many more to ask. We’d be honored to introduce you to A-Check Global.

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