The Importance of Maintaining a Compliant Pre-Employment Program

Consider this post as just a quick reminder that the compliance of your background screening program continues to be a target-rich environment for class action legal challenges from the Plaintiffs Bar. Without a careful focus on compliance, you may be subject to legal action from an applicant. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the content/presentation of your authorization forms and the timeliness of your adverse notifications. Let’s work together to help minimize your risk of class action lawsuits like these:

Starbucks: Two pending class action lawsuits alleging flawed background reports led to Starbucks declining 8,000+ job applicants may settle in coming months. READ MORE

Delta: The airline settles FCRA Class Action for $2.3 Million over allegedly giving inadequate disclosure documents when consenting to background checks. READ MORE

Working closely with a background screening company committed to compliance—like A-Check Global—can help you keep abreast of these evolving laws. If you have questions about your employment program, we welcome your call.

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