A-Check System Update Schedule

We’re committed to ensuring our systems and services are secure, stable, and regularly maintained to effectively protect your data when doing business with us.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance throughout 2021 and we welcome you to refer to this page for information on upcoming system updates. While we do not anticipate being off-line the entire time of the maintenance window, some or all A-Check Global systems, network and services may become unavailable for a few minutes to the entire duration of the maintenance window. We continue to minimize the impact to processing as much as possible during these maintenance windows.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 877-345-2021.

DatesComplete Y/N
January 16: Intermittent Downtime
February 27: Intermittent Downtime
March 27: Intermittent Downtime
April 24: Intermittent Downtime
May 22: Intermittent Downtime
June 26: Intermittent Downtime
July 24: Intermittent Downtime
August 28: Intermittent Downtime
September 25: Intermittent Downtime
October 23: Intermittent Downtime
November 27: Intermittent Downtime
December 18: Intermittent Downtime

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