ATS/HRIS Integrations…Yes We Can!

Integration 4

You’ve probably heard about Integration—connecting multiple software systems to coordinate and streamline business processes. It’s a great way save time and reduce workload. Integrating your ATS with A-Check Global’s background check system provides you with a faster, more efficient solution to improve the experience for both candidate and recruiter.

Imagine working within your familiar platform environment, but gaining the advantage of reduced data entry tasks and minimized errors throughout the onboarding process. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

We’re here for you

Time and time again, we speak with clients who are interested in exploring an integration, and the reasons for doing so are probably pretty similar to the areas in your process you’d like to improve:

  • A more straightforward and comprehensive screening process
  • Faster turnaround time, with progress updates along the way
  • A more satisfying applicant experience
  • Increased automation
  • A mobile-friendly environment
  • And of course, compliance assistance

Still, many are apprehensive to integrate because of concerns about how long it might take, how much it might cost, or even how secure the resulting integration is. Please know we’re here to help, AND we’re here to dispel the myth that integration is a costly and timely project.

We’re all about the details

We manage all aspects of the integration process for our clients, from development to launch. Our in-house implementation department ensures optimal functionality of the integration. Additionally, our dedicated client support teams monitor the integration after go-live, facilitating updates as needed to meet evolving client needs.

Our systems have successful integration with leading ATS providers—probably including the one you already use—so we have a lot of experience developing a proven project methodology that focuses on the details, gets you quickly up and running, and keeps your budget top of mind:

  • Pre-developed solutions for standard integration, and custom solutions to fit every business need
  • Dedicated consultation for account configuration and field mapping
  • Ongoing communication through regular meetings
  • Pre-integrated solutions for applicant email and authorization forms
  • Secure, cloud solutions focused on data security
  • And, our continued commitment to industry best practices and innovation

Right Size, Right Fit

At A-Check Global, we pride ourselves in providing enterprise-level infrastructure, expertise and resources, while still maintaining the responsiveness and customer service you’d enjoy with a much smaller organization. Our strength lies in our ability to draw from extensive resources and perform with customized client-specific precision.

If you have any questions about integrating your employment screening process, A-Check Global’s team of dedicated professionals is available to help, and can provide friendly, accurate guidance. Give us a call today at 877-345-2021, or email

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