Time for housekeeping: Let’s make sure you’re protected and compliant!

Business Man With Checkboxes

We at A-Check Global are thrilled you have chosen us as your business partner. A key element of our partnership’s mutual success is regularly working together to ensure your information and processes are up to date. Doing some annual housekeeping can further the ongoing protection of your account information and help confirm your hiring and employment practices remain fully compliant.

To begin, let’s review the following items:

  • Your User List: Let us know if there’s anyone on your user team(s) we need to add, remove, or edit. Has anyone’s access level recently changed or need updating?
  • Your Background Check Policy: when is the last time you read it? Does it need refreshing? Does it reflect changes in legislation that might impact your guidelines and hiring process?
  • Your separate Disclosure and Authorization forms: The emphasis here is on the word “separate.” Do you have current, compliant, stand-alone documents for your applicants?
  • Your Adverse Action process and communication: Are you currently compliant? Our Oct 2017 Blog is a great refresher!
  • Your adherence to Ban the Box Legislation: When in doubt, don’t forget you can always #AskACheck.
  • The compliance of your eSignature process (if applicable).

A-Check Global is your trusted partner. If you have any questions, our team of dedicated professionals are available to help, and can provide friendly, accurate guidance.

Give us a call today at 877-345-2021, or email support@acheckglobal.com.

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