Using Mobile Collection Services to Establish Drug Free Workplaces

Using Mobile Collection Services to Establish Drug Free Workplaces.png

In recent years, workplace safety has played a more major role in employment and hiring practices than ever before. And for many employers, this evolution ties directly into the establishment of Drug Free Workplace and similar policies.


Additionally, with the passage of various drug-related laws in some states, and changes in societal expectations as they pertain to drugs in others, more and more employers are taking advantage of all that the world of drug screening has to offer.


In a recent post Benefits of Instant, Onsite Drug Screening, A-Check Global addressed the desire of many employers to transition to more convenient alternatives to standard drug screens given the increase in overall benefits. After all, standard drug screens typically require employers to designate specific dates/times for employees and/or applicants to test off-site; which, as a result, has the potential to impact turnaround time and work productivity.


Instant, onsite drug screening is a popular alternative for employers, but it is not necessarily a good fit (or a permitted solution) for all companies and organizations.


If instant drug screening is not for you or your company, then onsite mobile collection services may be the ticket, as mobile collection is ideal for those looking to avoid an extended absence from employees. A mobile collection service consists of a collection facility coming to the place of employment to conduct all necessary drug screens that follow all typical procedures practiced at licensed facilities.


This option is useful for large groups of employees or applicants who are undergoing either random program, periodic, or pre-employment drug screening. Additionally, having an onsite collection facility come to a place of employment allows the collection to be completed via industry best-practice procedures during all stages of the screening process, while also having access to professional laboratory analysis, anti-adulteration technology, and, when applicable, additional review from an MRO.


If you are interested in mobile collection services, or incorporating alternative drug screening methods into your current Drug Free Workplace policy, please contact A-Check Global through our contact page, or by phone at 877-345-2021.

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