Benefits of Instant, Onsite Drug Screening

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For many employers, drug screening is a vital piece of the hiring process. However, given the complex nature of drug screening in some industries, and time constraints in others, standard drug screens are not always a one-size-fits-all solution to drug screening needs.


A standard drug screen typically requires both collection at a licensed facility and analysis at an approved laboratory location. In addition, positive results are also subject to additional review from a Medical Review Officer (MRO). All of these procedures can have a significant impact on budgeting and work productivity, and in an effort to mitigate some of these costs, many employers have opted to make the change from traditional drug screening to alternative onsite drug screening options.


Instant-cup testing and onsite mobile collection services are both available to employers who wish to avoid the cost and inconvenience of sending their employees offsite for drug screening. While both options reduce the impact on budgeting and productivity, they each have unique advantages on a workplace drug screening program.


By opting into instant drug screening, employers are able to avoid the heavy costs of both collection facilities and laboratory testing. Regular collections at a facility can take anywhere between one to three hours – possibly even longer depending on the travel time between the place of employment and the collection facility- leaving the employee away from his or her post for an extended period of time. Instant drug testing is an effective way to circumvent this productivity loss.


Instant testing drastically reduces turnaround time for drug screens – getting workers back to work much quicker than traditional drug screening procedures. Having onsite collection kits can be useful as a preliminary drug screen to avoid unnecessary expenditures for laboratory based testing. In the case of reasonable suspicion or random program testing, instant drug testing provides a safer testing environment that does not require the employee to travel under the influence or be provided with transportation arrangements.


These procedures can be worked into any employer’s Drug Free Workplace policy, as long as they comply with all appropriate federal, state, local, union, and industry-specific regulations.


For more information on the benefits of onsite drug screening, or to incorporate it into your company/organization’s policy, contact A-Check Global today via our contact page, or by calling 877-345-2021.

One thought on “Benefits of Instant, Onsite Drug Screening

  1. Drug testing in the workplace, although a controversial matter in the US, is still being implemented in government and private industries where customer safety is of prime concern. This is because evidence after evidence shows how illegal drugs affect employee productivity, attendance, social behavior, and so on.


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