Product Spotlight: Electronic I-9 and E-Verify Services

The Electronic Form I-9 feature of RAPID I-9 simplifies and improves the efficiency of the Form I-9 process by removing paper-based document management responsibilities and intelligently eliminating room for error. Electronic I-9 offers a compliant, paperless electronic Form I-9 submission, confirmation and retrieval process, complete with E-Signature, secure supporting document upload and document management.

A-Check’s Electronic I-9 complies with all Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) requirements, including:

Authentication:RAPID I-9digitally verifies who signed a document and provides authentication for all participating parties.

Enforceability:RAPID I-9prevents and detects tampering, and captures sufficient information to identify who’s responsible.
Legal Compliance:RAPID I-9complies with applicable electronic signature laws and other laws to eliminate repudiation and maintain enforceability.
User- Role Enforcement:Fine grain permission must meet applicable legal requirements, such as HIPAA and other mandates.RAPID I-9provides an unbroken audit trail of access to show compliance.
Data Validation:RAPID I-9verifies all required data meets legal and business requirements. It prevents incomplete, erroneous, or unauthorized changes from being processeI-

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