Substance Abuse Screening Options: Instant Drug Detection Devices

Today’s generation of advanced instant screening devices allow employers to clear and place applicants with speed and peace of mind.

For employers and job functions not regulated by DOT, the use of these devices can mean the difference between instant placement of an applicant and two days wait through a lab-based urinalysis process.

Available evidence shows virtually no difference in error rates between lab-based substance abuse screening and reputable instant-detection type devices, making them an ideal option that delivers results faster and more economically.

T-CUP – Instant Urinalysis Cups
A-Check offers the Premier Biotech T-CUP, an instant drug detection cup that features detection of up to 15 drugs of abuse with an accuracy of 99 percent. Results are available in as little as one minute. The T-CUP is fast, efficient and economical.

ORAL DETECT – Instant Oral Fluid Drug Detection
For a less intrusive method with virtually no “ick” factor, A-Check offers the Premier Biotech ORAL DETECT, a unique and innovative oral fluid drug testing device that delivers accurate results in as little as 6 minutes. Oral Detect eliminates the need for controlled collection sites and same-sex collectors, prevents adulteration, and eliminates “shy bladder” issues.

Regulated Industries
For our regulated industries clients covered under DOT rules, A-Check offers a comprehensive suite of lab-based drug and alcohol screening services tailored to the needs of each client, ensuring compliance and safety. A-Check has extensive experience in development and management of DOT programs covered under FMCSA, FAA, and PHMSA agencies.

the 2012 DOT Random Testing Rates Notice from the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance.

Partnering with an experienced third party administrator like A-Check for your substance abuse screening program ensures the effectiveness of this crucial link in your organization’s risk mitigation strategy. Contact A-Check today to discuss how we can help you meet your organization’s substance abuse screening needs.

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