Partner Spotlight: MERIT Profile – Character and Behavior Matter in the Workplace!

Character and Behavior Matter in the Workplace!
Whether you are the CEO, a supervisor, or a line worker, the impact of character and behavior in the workplace can be significant. Research shows that hiring the wrong person can and will…

…harm sales
…harm stock price
…worsen employee fraud
…worsen employee absenteeism
…cause dissension and lack of trust among leaders and employees

Did You Know?
An individual’s character and behavior is the foundation to their Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which drives their overall performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom-line results. The Personal Leadership Effectiveness of any individual comprises…

  • Trust / Ethics / Integrity
  • Problem Solving
  • Managing Challenges
  • Commitment To Excellence
  • Good Relational / Communication Skills
  • Handling of Conflict Appropriately
  • Compassion / Empathy for Others
  • Team Empowerment

Hiring Beyond Just Education, Job Skills & Work Experience
Character and behavior are VITAL FACTORS. True, an individual’s education, job skills and work experience are very important, but they are not the primary factors in Personal Leadership Effectiveness.

An individual can have multiple degrees, excellent job skills and years of experience. However, some people will still…

  • Display a poor work ethic, poor attitude
  • Embrace a poor self image or lack self-esteem
  • Neglect the core values of the organization
  • Lack motivation to accomplish the organizational mission
  • Be stressed and out of balance…personally and professionally
  • Cause conflicts with other team members
  • Reflect poor character attributes
  • Overreact to certain challenges, versus finding ways to realign
  • Quit too soon when faced with certain challenges

All of these are character and behavior issues. They have nothing to do with a person’s formal education, job skills or extensive work experience.

The solution: MERIT, a 60-question, web-based character and behavior survey instrument that provides actionable insight not normally obtained through traditional aptitude testing or interviews alone. Check out the sample MERIT reports below, designed to provide hiring managers a unique view into an individual’s character and behavior traits.

View a sample MERIT Recruitment Report (PDF)
View a Sample MERIT Development Report (PDF)

“Helping Organizations Improve the Predictability of Their Human Capital Decisions”


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