Report Spotlights Poor Employee Screening Practices, Tars Industry

In it’s recently released report titled Broken Records, the National Consumer Law Center, which seems to oppose any use of criminal records for employment decision making,  claims there are systematic and pervasive problems with the entire background screening industry.

This report takes to task poor practices by specific screening companies and employers, incorrectly extrapolating its findings of isolated issues to all industry members. The report also demonstrates NCLCs poor understanding about the regulatory environment under which employee screening companies operate.

A-Check is happy to report we will be taking absolutely NO action based on the problems claimed on the report because A-Check does not engage in ANY of the nefarious activities it lists.

The report unfairly maligns an entire industry vital to workplace risk mitigation and hiring negligence claims protection by using sketchy anecdotal evidence and not hard data to sell its specious claims of broad-based problems.

That being said, A-Check strongly supports  the notion of ensuring background Check information is reported accurately and consumers are treated fairly. That is something we can all agree on.

See NCLC Report Findings Summary

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